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Relig Solutions is a leading recruitment process outsourcing services company that provides cost-effective RPO services to agencies and staffing firms in the US. We enable recruitment agencies to boost fill rates, raise margins, and lower operating costs. Our RPO company in New York creates long-term value for recruitment firms. With a consultative approach, our team works with clients to revitalize the organization at various functions ranging from CV sourcing to full-cycle recruiting.

Being a trusted recruitment process outsourcing company, our talent partners embed themselves full-time to plan for your anticipated hiring demand. At Relig, we take control of your permanent workforce strategy with a holistic approach that delivers unparallel recruiting results for your organization.

We help companies deliver global talents and elevate candidate experience by using our flexible and scalable pre-employment screening RPO Services in New york. Our team starts with reviewing and conducting background checks for employers and agencies by integrating employee screening and identity solutions. Our professionals highlight the differences in hiring needs and recruiting channels for each role, skill, and location. And, by leveraging the latest software, we track and evaluate the success from start to end to improve the workforce’s visibility.

Full-Cycle Recruitment 
Full-Cycle Recruitment 

From Candidate Generation, Sourcing, Pre-screening, Interview & Selection, to Aftercare, our team successfully and efficiently manages the complete Recruitment Cycle.

We monitor the entire recruitment process to ensure that hiring targets are met on time and within budget.  We provide access to skilled recruiters, tools, processes, and technology to reduce the time it takes to hire, the cost per hire, and the entire applicant experience.

  • Candidate Generation
  • Sourcing
  • Pre-Screening, Interview & Selection
  • Aftercare
  • Placement


Sourcing & Screening
Sourcing & Screening

By establishing, controlling, and improving candidate sourcing and screening procedures, you can expand your talent pools, recruit faster, and boost workforce diversity. Relig Solutions engages talent at all stages of the acquisition lifecycle, including passive, active, and opportunistic talent, by leveraging best-in-class technology.

  • Passive & Active Candidate Searches
  • Database Regeneration
  • LinkedIn Searches
  • Job Board Searches
  • Referrals
  • Inbound Inquiries
  • Market Mapping / Organisational Mapping
  • CV Screening & Formatting
Total Talent Management
Total Talent Management

We combine permanent (RPO) and contingent talent (MSP) solutions to produce an all-encompassing, holistic approach to people management so that you can have a competitive advantage in a tight labour market.

  • MSP Solutions
  • Direct/ Full-time Hire
  • Staff Augmentation

Accounting Services

We offer professional outsourced Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll Management, Tax and consulting services. Our highly skilled accountants will enable you to improve the quality and accuracy of your accounting functions and boost your capacity to scale.

Value-Added Services

Looking to escalate the efficiency of your firm? Have a look at our premium features and add-ons to enhance your core functions.