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Q.1. Is there any setup fee or fixed contract for minimum duration?

No. There are no setup fees or minimum fixed duration when you engage with us. Our business model is designed keeping the volatile nature of Accounting profession in mind hence our scalable up and down based on business demands.

Q.2. What are the prerequisites for starting to use Relig’s Accounting and Tax Services?

It is essential that you get yourself answers to the following questions which will help you be better equipped to use our services:


·         Type of resourced needed: Accountant/Tax Return Preparer

·         List of daily work to be performed: What are the day-to-day work responsibilities of the resource.

·         No. of hours for which the resource is required. This can be in slots of 2,4, 6 or 8 hours i.e. do you need a full-time or part-time resource

·         Software: Which Accounting or Tax Software expertise is required for doing this work? Usually, clients already have their own software in which they want the work done. If they don’t have any Accounting or Tax Software, we can also suggest them and help them with the implementation of the Software.

·         Document Sharing: Will they be using Cloud or Emails for sharing documents? We recommend using Cloud since its real-time, secure and better data management.

·         Mode of communication: Emails/Skype or any other form of messaging environment, we are comfortable with all.

Q.3. What about client and data privacy?

Our business runs on data privacy and preserve your and client’s data using a three step approach:

  • System: We maintain ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications by implementing IT protocols to avoid data breaches.
  • People: All the employees we hire go through a pre-employment background check
  • Process: Our internal processes involve no mobile phones, dual screen monitors and weekly IT audit of system logs. Our firewalls prevent unauthorised access to the internet except for the allowed softwares.
Q.4. Your service sounds like outsourcing to me. Why is it not outsourcing?

Outsourcing is often tagged with any process which is not done in-house. When you outsource, you become dependent on the vendor for the work completed and there is a learning curve for transition of knowledge. When you use our services, you are provided a dedicated resource who remains accountable for the work provided, follows your processes and you retain your organizational knowledge. Hence, we are not outsourcing but we are co-sourcing firm.

Q.5. Are your offices COVID-19 safety compliant?

All employees desks are minimum 6 feet apart, each employee goes through a temperature check every day while entering offices and we provide them with sanitizers and masks for daily use. Masks are single-time use which are discarded daily at end-of day.

Q.6. How much time is need for on-boarding the starting the service?

As little as same day we can get setup and get started. IT setup is the only thing required to get started and at the maximum, it doesn’t take more than 2 days to get completely setup and started.

Q.7. How do you report work completed?

We provide daily timesheets sent via email which also documents the work completed together with status of pending work including ETA of when pending work will be completed.

Q.8. What is the billing frequency?

We bill weekly and the bill is due on receipt.

Q.9. How is payment collected?

Payment is collected via ACH.

Q.10. Do you have performance review calls?

We recommend having a performance review call once every 2 weeks for the first 3 months and then we can move it to once every month or keep it every 2 weeks as per your convenience. We believe in feedback and therefore we recommend you to use our regular feedback mechanism.