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Look out for the Best Ways to Boost Your Talent Acquisition
Look out for the Best Ways to Boost Your Talent Acquisition
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Shrinking talent pools, high turnover rates, and widening skill gaps lash companies across verticals to strive for the most incredible ways to boost their talent acquisition program.

Various recruitment industry surveys have indicated that recruitment and staffing firms need more clarification about selecting the best RPO partner for outsourcing their recruitment services.

Moreover, staffing firms are often concerned about whether partnering with offshore recruitment firms can turn out beneficial in sourcing the right candidates for the right position and bring multi-fold growth opportunities to their organization.  

However, before partnering with any offshore recruitment company and leveraging their Recruitment process outsourcing services, make sure you carefully scrutinize and duly check the firm. 

Here we have discussed certain integral information that will help you find the right RPO partners -:

1. How long has the offshore recruitment firm been functioning?

The longer the years the higher will be their experience. This increases the change of reliability and loyalty and you tend to trust their process. Such a firm must be providing the right candidates and at the right place and that’s why they must be in the business for such a longer duration.

2. What is the experience level of your team working with you?

It’s important to ask about the experience level of the recruitment consultants working with you. Ask if the staff is smart enough to manage any length of hiring requirement. Recruitment consultants have a wider network and contact with offshoring parties and are better positioned to deliver quality services. You too can make inquiries from your networks and ask about the duration they’ve been working to find out their experienced level.

3. Who will be the point of contact?

It’s extremely integral to ask regarding the point of contact before signing up for the partnership. It’s important to know who will be working or staying in constant touch with you. Make sure you ask about their experience, expertise, and skills. The point of contact assigned to you may differ from a person who has initially convinced you of an RPO partnership. Various companies have different teams and departments for managing sales, operations, and marketing. So, you must be assured that you will be working with the right people regardless.

4. How does your firm source the candidates? 

The recruitment outsourcing firm you choose must follow a meticulous selection process to screen out the best candidates. It must have access to a large talent pool. Also, enquire about their screening and selecting strategy as what tests they conduct and interview questions asked.

A recruitment firm needs strong networking and top-notch marketing, referral sourcing, and advertising to uncover talent and connect with active and passive candidates through a pipeline of past candidates. Ask how they can help with an urgent CV, what will be their quick around time, and any chances of quality compromise.

5. What is the success rate of placement?

The success rate of placement denotes the efficacy in selecting the best candidates. An experienced recruiter maintains a track record of performance data in context with the avg time taken to engage with the candidates. Moreover, he also includes the data pertaining to the no. of placement that lasted right from the initial date of the contract.

In the era of cutthroat competition for the talent hunt, augmenting your recruitment capability and skills with an RPO provider can help you scale your business to the next best level. 


However, when it comes to selecting the right RPO, you need to consider various factors- experience, expertise, cost, quick turnaround, and more. But, there’s no single best option that best aligns with the goals and objectives of your organization.

We hope these important checklists will help you scout the right RPO partner for your business. To know more about how the RPO firm in New York works, connect with Relig Solutions now!

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