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Whom we serve
Whom we serve

Relig serves a wide range of industries from CPA & Tax firms to Dentist & Health Care. Our primary objective is to provide professional accounting and taxation services to small businesses including different types of business entities.


We have been catering to the recruitment needs of Staffing, IT and healthcare firms for over a decade. Our professionals provide end-to-end RPO solutions so that you can invest your time in strategic planning.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

We provide outsourced tax and accounting services to young entrepreneurs and owners of start-ups who are struggling with understanding the complexities of tax return, filing and other accounting duties of their business.

Business Owners & Corporations

The experts at Relig work with small and medium scale business owners & corporations. Here, we offer outsourced taxation, accounting and payroll services to allow you time for focusing on key responsibilities.

Accounting, CPA & Tax Firms

Relig offers outsourced tax services to CPA & Accounting firms. Our team consists of an in-house talent base who expertise in specific need areas to provide end-to-end accounting services.

What do we promise ?
  • Data Security

    Protecting your business data is of prime importance to us so that you can focus on other vital duties. 

  • Accurate and Compliant work delivery

    Relig possesses a global talent pool with high qualification and experience to provide not just accurate but timely service delivery in all the seasons.

  • Flexible service as your business needs change

    Our team is always up to date on the market conditions and market policies to bring necessary changes on time for a smooth and uninterrupted service processing.

whom we serve
whom we serve 2
Our Pricing
Hourly -Our hourly charge consists of a single straightforward price which focuses on the number of hours allocated to work.
Monthly -We charge a fixed monthly payment which is decided after reviewing the volume of monthly work.
Deliverable Based -'Deliverable' represents a stage predetermined by Client and Service Provider. As soon as a milestone is touched, a predefined bill is raised for the work carried out.
Resource Based -A dedicated resource is assigned to work full time for you.
Dedicated Staff Service:
Team Model: We provide you a compatible team of resources to be hired
to begin working for you.
Pay as you go - Pay as you go consumes significantly less time on year-end audit. This method does not require you to write any cheque or remember any paperwork. With pay as you go, you avoid instalment billing fees from insurance firms and get to spend way more time on your business needs.
Our Pricing
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
  • Expertise and Experience

    Expertise and Experience

    Every service offered by Relig is carried out by professionals who have served a vast range of industries and who are expert at leveraging the latest technology softwares.

  • Accurate and quick

    Accurate and quick

    The experienced talent pool at Relig processes all forms of accounting and tax obligations through in-depth research and analysis to come up with accurate and timely solutions.

  • Efficient and cost-saving

    Efficient and cost-saving

    Over the years, Relig has built an end-to-end processing system for rendering all the accounting and tax services, which reduces your cost and increases technology inspired efficiency.

  • Reliable and secure

    Reliable and secure

    We understand your need to feel secured when outsourcing your financial duties. Relig team promises complete protection of your data so that you can set your mind free from any worry and focus on vital matters.