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Top Ways RPO Helps a Business Undergoing Restructuring
Top Ways RPO Helps a Business Undergoing Restructuring
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What is Business Restructuring?

Business Restructuring is a strategic management process that involves making significant changes to your financial operations, organization’s strategies, and recruitment procedure to improve your performance and adapt to the latest market conditions.

But, why do businesses go through restructuring?

Some of the common reasons why businesses undergo restructuring are -:

When an organization faces financial challenges with cash flow, or when revenue starts declining and debt starts increasing, they go through restructuring for stabilizing its financial position and avoiding bankruptcy. Moreover, a continuous decline in performance and demanding regulatory compliances often force an organization to restructure its operations with new rules.

However, it’s important to focus on the organization’s long-term objectives, and the willingness to adapt to the dynamic hiring landscape when restructuring with recruitment process. 

And here’s how RPO can help your business while undergoing restructuring -:

Top ways RPO helps a business undergoing restructuring

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Retaining the rare talents and continuing to hire the required talents – are the major challenges that every business face during Merger and Acquisition. According to a survey conducted by an Employment Website, 96% of the candidates will be hunting for new jobs in 2023 irrespective of mergers and acquisitions. However, the most significant upshots for M&A are the scarcity of the right talent. This can increase the attrition rates.

 Moreover, as per a study, over 20% of candidates will enthusiastically leave a company within 2 years of the merger’s announcement. So, if you want to align your organization’s brand strategy with the employee value proposition, a Recruitment process outsourcing company can help during your tough time with M&A.

At Relig Solutions, our best-in-class experts guarantee you to fill up vacant positions within a limited time frame. Call us today. We are ready with our hiring procedures! 

  • Expansion in Business Unit

Expansion is an inevitable element of any business that looks for internal and external growth in the organization. However, expansion could be either entering new geographic networks or increasing your workforce strength, or both.

Moreover, it’s important to fully understand the graph of the respective market, know where your business is expanding or do you have the best talents. Also, during expansion, you need to look after the legalities involved while hiring local or global employees. Importantly, learn what your candidates are expected from a job and how you can fill up those gaps.

Well, it looks like you’ll have to wear multiple hats when expanding your business which can cost a lot of your time and energy. That’s where RPO comes into the picture. Hire professional RPO services in New York who are familiar with candidate expectations. 

Our RPO experts can help you with robust market research, and workforce data to scout you the quality stream of candidates for your organization. 

  • Look for a Lower cost per hire

Lower cost per hire is the most crucial metric that every organization must consider while formulating a recruitment strategy. Various companies often spend more to hire the best fit. In that case, RPO will help you hire with the most optimum cost. We calculate costs considering the hiring history and optimizing the recruitment processes for delivering more efficient resources for your company.

Relig Solutions indeed offers immense opportunities for optimizing the costs that are associated with various aspects of HRM. So, rely on experts to efficiently manage your recruitment resources and implement your strategies rightfully. 

  • Business Spin-Offs

During business spin-offs, a new company is created from a portion of an existing company. In this scenario, the newly formed entity requires its own set of talent acquisition technologies to support its growth and operations independently.

RPO providers can offer advice and guidance on selecting and implementing appropriate recruiting technologies tailored to the new company’s needs and goals.

This includes applicant tracking systems, candidate sourcing tools, AI-based screening platforms, and other recruitment technologies that align with the company’s objectives and expansion plans.


Business restructuring in recruitment is a complex and often challenging process. It can create a significant impact on employees, stakeholders, and overall business. Make sure you restructure your business with meticulous planning and under expert guidance to minimize negative consequences.

Hire Relig Solutions now to streamline your recruitment process and implement the best RPO strategies for onboarding the right fit for your organization. We also provide Payroll management services to keep every employee’s data structure. 

For more details, call us today!

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