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Are Tech Layoffs Actually Happening?
Are Tech Layoffs Actually Happening?
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Want the best candidates for your business to grow?

How do you plan to achieve it?

Assume, you’ve come across a rather potential profile on LinkedIn and you wish to connect with the individual to offer him a job. You drop in a message, speak about the opportunity, and get an interview scheduled. But, you are interacting as a company, which wouldn’t help you develop a personal connection with the candidate. 

To fill this void, and to close the best one for your company; a probable solution would be to get your hiring outsourced through an RPO firm. A specialized recruiter, in this case, can build an interactive relationship with the candidate, avail follow-ups, and facilitate continuous candidate engagement.

Hence, even if due to unfortunate circumstances the candidate couldn’t be onboarded, they shall remain in touch with the recruiter and can mark him on their candidate pool for your future needs.

The takeaway here is that when a company approaches a potential candidate, communication is attempted on formal grounds where the hiring routines are performed. Whereas, when an RPO firm in New York like Relig Solutions steps in, the expert recruiters form a cordial relationship with the candidate which helps them understand the individual’s personality in detail and match them exactly to the company’s requirements.


Relig Solutions is a Global RPO Company that delivers winning talent and helps you develop a winning team – today and into the future. We empower all your talent needs and connect you with candidates who are well-versed in advanced technology and automation in the areas like finance, accounting, and recruitment operations.

We’re enriching lives and elevating the recruiting experience by enabling people and organizations to exceed their potential. 

Let’s connect today for your RPO and candidate engagement solutions! 

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