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Remote Accounting and Tax Return Preparation Service are needed more than before in 2021
Remote Accounting and Tax Return Preparation Service are needed more than before in 2021
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Virtual Bookkeeping, Remote Accounting, Co-sourcing, Remote Staffing, Offshore Accounting,
Outsourced Bookkeeping, Outsourcing Tax Return Preparation are all variants of the same line of business that is popularly known as Remote Accounting and Tax Return Preparation Services. So if you’re a CPA or an owner of an accounting or tax firm, you would probably have heard of Remote Accounting & Tax Return Preparation services. There is also a possibility that you have tried using the service before but it hasn’t worked out or maybe you already are using one.

Most often, the articles on the internet speak about the advantages of using a remote service which include:
● Increase Efficiency
● Increase Flexibility
● Reduce Operating Costs
● Business Continuity

Infact, Accounting and Tax Return Preparation are the most commonly outsourced business
processes according to a survey by Clutch. Over years, the firms who provide Remote services have evolved and brought their talent pool at par with resources available onsite due to which clients are able to leverage and get more work done in same or lesser time.

So why should this year be different than any other year for considering Remote Accounting and Tax Return Preparation Service with Relig Solutions?

1. More Secure Work Environment than Work-From-Home Employees

Most firms have their onsite employees working from home which exposes their firm’s data to
higher risk since they cannot monitor the internet traffic of their employees’ individual homes.
Infact, 24% of Data Breaches occur due to human error. A recent article after the Solarwinds attack in 2020 mentions that hackers eye from IoT (Internet of Things) in 2021 as most workforce work from home. Relig Solutions on the other hand gets all the work done out of their state-of-the-art remote office which also maintains ISO 27001 Certification for a secure work environment. Dual Monitors, No Mobiles/External Storage Device Access, Restricted Firewall are just some of the many tools used by Relig to provide a safe working environment. This has enabled clients to handle the changing scenarios due to COVID-19 with ease as well as grow their practice.

2. Better Compliance, Training & Development

FFCRA, CARES, Consolidated Appropriations Act, PPP, Stimulus Checks, EIDL, the list just goes on for the amount of legislative changes that have taken place in 2020. This has put an immense burden on the Accounting Professionals to train their staff and educate them about the changes and how that impacts tax returns being prepared in 2021. However, the higher acceptance of technology for video conferencing has enabled firms like Relig to adapt with the changing times and educate their employees in real-time as the changes happen and ensure that their services reflect the most current changes. The robust training and development team at Relig brought industry experts and conducted in-house training sessions for its employees. Traditional outsourcing firms focus on data entry but never on compliance whereas Relig brings Accountability and Responsibility to the work delivered.

3. Ease of growing business

900K people are unemployed as of the end of 2020 that includes at least 900k returns since
unemployment benefits are taxable income. This is over and above millions of businesses and
individuals who have earned income in 2020. As much as Accounting and Tax Firms want to grow their client base, there is an added cost of software, payroll, healthcare and leave benefits cost. Businesses are also limited in terms of the total hours they can work in a day. Remote Accounting and Tax Return Preparation allow firms to leverage a 24/7 working office without the additional burden of managing costs which allows them to grow their business with ease. Additionally, it lets them use their existing employees for higher functions like client relationship management which leads to a higher employee satisfaction. It’s a win-win for any business.
In a nutshell, as global boundaries vanish and bring business ecosystems closer, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for firms to partner with Relig Solutions who has emerged as a Preferred Partner for Accounting, CPA and Tax Firms in the last 3 years. Talk to us today to know more about our client-centric processes and also get a live tour of our remote offices from where all the action happens.

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