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Revolutionize Your Hiring: How RPO Recruitment Can Help You Find the Best Talent?
Revolutionize Your Hiring: How RPO Recruitment Can Help You Find the Best Talent?
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Revolutionize Your Hiring

Are you tired of flipping countless job applications and conducting interviews to seize the best candidate for your business?

Look no further than Relig’s RPO Services!

From creating a tailored recruitment strategy to streamlining your Payroll management services, we are here to help you save valuable time and resources in building something big for your business.

The Market Overview of RPO

The RPO market is booming at a breakneck. Various small-mid-size and large-scale companies are leveraging RPO services to bridge the talent gap, optimize costs, improve their margins, and most importantly upskill their existing employees. 

While companies are reskilling employees to meet their tech requirements, they also have to ramp up quickly to meet the existing demand for talent hunt. And for that, a multi-pronged strategy is required that includes the essential aspects of RPO – considering the short-term hires and reskilling in the long term. 

We understand your concern and therefore Relig provides you with a talent pipeline to fuel your demands for both- short-term and long-term hires. 

Besides these, RPO is breaking the barricades and aiding businesses to transfigure the hiring processes!

How RPO is revolutionizing the hiring system? 

A study revealed that almost two-thirds of companies offshore some part of their recruitment process. They turn to offshoring companies for just one reason – to get the job filled fast.  

At Relig Global, you don’t have to look further. We employ the best-in-class resources and have access to the latest technologies to make every full-cycle RPO partnership successful. Continue reading to know our secret sauce behind RPO services –

1. Access to New Technology

It’s no secret that Relig- a professional recruitment process outsourcing company is leveraging emerging technologies to serve clients in an increasingly digital world.

From unlocking the power of AI and unified communications to Big Data and Cloud Systems and communications, we are consistently investing in the ever-growing and potential technologies to improve the communication between candidates and employers. 

For instance, our qualified RPO team is using an applicant tracking system to help receive, screen, store, track, and retrieve resumes. To optimize the employee cycle like onboarding, training, and performance review, we have integrated Human Capital Management. 

Apart from these systems, we have deployed new tools including video interviewing, automation with voice recognition, and other online candidate attraction and selection solutions. These have successfully helped businesses to see a sharp reduction in time to hire by 40%. 

Such a paradigm shift has brought re-engineering in their selection process that further improves their overall employer brand and candidate experience.

2. Cost savings

Many organizations don’t pay much attention to the computation of actual cost per hire. Well, this can leave a drastic impact on the recruitment quote.

Thanks to our RPO Firm in New York

We lower per-hire costs and optimize fixed recruitment costs, like office space or salaried expenses. Apart from this, we even uncover your existing cost base per hire and simultaneously formulate strategies for implementing automation solutions to reduce the overall cost of hiring.

Our RPO solution also provides cost savings against your current cost base over a continual time duration like -:

  • Reducing the time to hire
  • Reduction of advertising fees
  • Increasing the quality of hires
  • Reduced attrition rates
  • Reducing cost per hire and ancillary charges

3. Agile and scalable recruitment

RPO makes companies more agile and scalable. It helps them revamp their hiring activity based on unanticipated business conditions. 

You are bound to experience inconsistent attempts in the hiring process while expanding or segmenting a new department. On the contrary, you may have to downsize or freeze the entire recruitment process. Well, such erratic and haphazard decisions can hamper the reputation of your company. In such a concoction, RPO becomes your rescue. 

We are well-equipped and can significantly help you scale up or down your recruitment strategically. Our experts often prepare practical models and structures that aid flexibility, agility, and adaptability in any situation. 

Achieving long-term success through Relig’s Recruitment Process Offshoring

The talent landscape continues to grow and adapt rapidly. And looking towards such an impeccable transformation, companies have started offshoring the recruitment process to optimize their cost and avail the best talents for the right position.

Engaging with us, you can expect unparalleled and unrivaled expertise, scalability, and innovation.

At Relig Solutions, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality RPO services that will revolutionize your hiring process and take your business to the next level.

Let’s connect today!

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